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EFM-3.4 startup issue "There was an error starting service: authentication failed"

#PostgreSQL #EDB #EFM


EFM in standby node didn't start after a failover .

[root@Node2 ~]# systemctl start efm-3.4

Job for efm-3.4.service failed because the control process exited with error code. See "systemctl status efm-3.4.service" and "journalctl -xe" for details.

While checking the efm.log & startup-efm.log found the bellow error.


2/1/20 9:20:36 PM There was an error starting service: authentication failed

2/1/20 9:20:36 PM If other nodes are already running in the cluster, please verify that the address for this node is on the allowed node host list.


com.enterprisedb.efm.nodes.EfmAgent run ERROR: Exception starting service: java.lang.SecurityException: authentication failed

com.enterprisedb.efm.nodes.EfmNode commonShutdown INFO: Starting shutdown.

com.enterprisedb.efm.nodes.EfmNode setNodeState INFO: New internal state: SHUTDOWN

com.enterprisedb.efm.admin.AdminServer shutdown INFO: Stopping AdminServer...


The Standby node ip was removed from the allowed node list .


Added the standby node in the allowed node list from the witness node and it started working .

/usr/edb/efm-3.4/bin/efm allow-node <clustername > <ip> add of the node needs to be added>

[root@Node3 ] /usr/edb/efm-3.4/bin/efm allow-node efm

allow-node signal sent to local agent.

[root@Node2 ~]# systemctl start efm-3.4

[root@Node2 ~]#

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